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Will Hillary Be on the Right Side of History?

Will Hillary Be on the Right Side of History? thumbnail image

After four years, with 200,000 dead and 11 million displaced, Americans and other Westerners are finally, it seems, coming face to face with the horrifying realities of the Syrian civil war.

With the haunting images of a 3-year-old Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach, photos of extreme torture by the Assad regime, a truck in Austria stuffed with the dead bodies of 70 refugees, families languishing in a Hungarian train station, the humanitarian end of the Syrian crisis has many wondering why we didn’t do more earlier and why we aren’t doing more now.

As I wrote early and often — and was called a warmonger and worse for it — a Syria left to its own devices was going to be a dangerous and deadly disaster that not only the region but the rest of Europe and the United States would ultimately pay for, as Islamic terrorists exploited the power vacuum and Syrian refugees flooded into neighboring and far-away countries.

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