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The Biden Plan: Bad for Dems

The Biden Plan: Bad for Dems thumbnail image

For all of the talk of spectacle and sideshow surrounding the 143 or so Republican candidates running for President — much of it deserved — there’s even better drama over on the other side. Hidden beneath video footage of helicopter rides and fried butter at the Iowa State Fair is this stark reality: The Democratic party is in deep trouble.

Sure, the GOP has Donald Trump to contend with, for who knows how long, but if he crashes and burns there’s a field of credible contenders as big as a Trump golf course, ready to carry on with the serious business of running for President.

Over on the left, however, concerns are mounting that Hillary Clinton — the only candidate the Democratic Party and the White House have really invested in — is in serious peril. The email scandal she insists is the invention of Republicans with nothing better to do has somehow piqued the interest of President Obama’s Justice Department, State Department, his FBI director, and a kooky, paranoid, rightwing upstart called the New York Times.

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