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Biden’s Pathway

Biden’s Pathway thumbnail image

Conventional wisdom surrounding Vice President Joe Biden’s not-at-all secret meeting with progressive kingmaker Elizabeth Warren seems predicated on the notion that Biden sought her “blessing” as he eyes a presidential run in which he’d court her supporters – or even ask her to be his running mate!

This, as Biden might say, is a bunch of malarkey.

I may not want Joe “J-O-B-S” Biden to run the country, but I will say this about him: he’s as politically savvy as anyone running for president on either side of the aisle. As Hillary Clinton’s proven with her disastrous management of the email scandal, just to name a recent example, Biden has more political acuity in his pinky finger than she does in her entire server-wiping hand. And now his favorability is higher than hers in three key swing states.

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