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Trump, His Goons, and His Disrespect for the Press

Trump, His Goons, and His Disrespect for the Press thumbnail image

Hot off the digital presses, a Daily Beast story has reheated a 1993 allegation made by Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana, which was already public knowledge, that he raped her one night. But believe it or not, that — for many reasons — isn’t actually the most damaging part of the story.

In fact, the rape allegation, though graphically told by Ivana in a deposition at the time, might not be damaging at all, since she’s since changed her story (and said recently she thinks he’d make a great President.)

What we did learn in The Daily Beast story, though, is first that Trump’s goon lawyer doesn’t seem to know much about the law, and second that Trump doesn’t seem to care much for a little thing we here in America like to call a free press.

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