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Democrats’ Dumb Attack on the Sharing Economy

With some notable exceptions, I don’t think Democrats are stupid. Often wrong, misguided and naive — but not stupid.

And yet, that’s the only word I can summon to describe the progressive left’s rabid attacks on the sharing economy.

Millennials, a generation that by 2020 will represent 40% of the electorate, have given birth to incredible innovations like Airbnb, TaskRabbit and Uber, technologies that are, with every passing nanosecond, becoming a more ingrained part of our everyday lives. In sum, they employ hundreds of thousands of people and offer goods and services more efficiently and flexibly than before.

And yet, liberals like Mayor de Blasio, Hillary Clinton and former Maryland Gov. and current presidential contender Martin O’Malley want you to believe thriving businesses that make your life easier are a problem that needs their solving.

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